Crumpet Crumbles

What is a crumpet and what does it have to do with me?

I’m not entirely sure.

The only similarity seems to be that they are poured onto a hot surface to be seared from batter into a solid yet holy piece of architecture meant to transport something sweet.

I had a difficult day today. I’ve been struggling with a lot of pain in my lower back, the kind that says my attempts with physical therapy aren’t working. My younger two children made Tom Sawyer’s mischief look like nothing on more than one occasion. One of our dogs threw up in my car at least once during the car rides to/from the vet. And let’s not forget the doctor appointment that was supposed to be simple but wasn’t.

But, you know? It was worth it. The kids need to know that boundaries and rules will be enforced, and, oh my gosh, they had plenty of opportunities where the rules were enforced with discipline. Our pup passed her vet inspection with flying colors and is ready to fly out to her new owner. The surgeon I met with showed a better understanding of how my medications work together and against one another and explained how certain ones could be causing this side effect or that one. While she did give me another medication to take, it is absolutely temporary unlike my pre-existing laundry list of medicines.

After dinner, I excused myself for an errand and went to check out a new beach I was contemplating taking the kids to. It was beautiful, a nice easy slope into the water, shells, I even got to see a crab walking up onto the shore right around sunset. It was a great opportunity to de-stress, plus the sea/salt water is supposed to be good for my fibromyalgia.

Then I came home to a husband who put up with a “me” movie of his own volition and choosing to try and make my day a little better. He hated The Man from U.N.C.L.E., but I thought it was hilarious.

The day had lots of stress, and lots of pain, and lots of messes to clean up. At the end of the day, though, I have an amazing family of… creative… kidlets, and a loving husband. I may feel like it’s all falling apart, but sometimes the pieces need to get rearranged because we’re trying to jam them into places they don’t belong in.

I still feel like there are pieces of my mind just gone, like the holes in a crumpet; sure, the structure is all there for where things should be, but those times are just… empty. The great thing about empty spaces, I guess, is that I can fill them with the sweet little things in life that didn’t have a place before. Like appreciating my kids’ creativity, or my husband’s attempts to be caring even if he won’t actually come right out with it because he has to keep his macho-man image up.

I love my family so very, very much.


Mommy Morning Moments

So, this morning while I was in the bathroom, my independent, ever so helpful daughter decided she would try her hand at changing her own diaper. Adorable right?

Now, take into consideration that I had told her I’d be right back, since I had to go potty, and we had started out in the living room… makes sense then that if that’s where Mommy would be returning to, that’s where she would want to be, right? So, she went into her room, climbed up, got all the diaper changing fixings down from the changing table and had brought them out to the living room.

Since our living room has wood flooring, it only made sense that she would set herself up on the very large, dark, area rug… Diapers, wipes, baby powder, and, of course, diaper cream…

So, I returned to the living room to find a diaperless toddler EVER so proud of herself who obviously couldn’t wait to show me what a great job she had done. I was a good mom, I smiled, told her good job, all the “right” things.

Then she brought up the mess she’d made, on the dark carpet, with the diaper cream… (which cleaned up pretty easily with baby wipes)

“Yes, honey, that is a mess. That’s why Mommy changes your diapers on the changing table. You did a great job but next time let Mommy help you do it where you’re supposed to do it. Okay?”


“To the bathtub, let’s go wash you up.”


Pride in her accomplishment still in tact despite a gentle reproach as to the where and such of said accomplishment. I feel like such a super mom right now, lol. I am proud of myself and my little girl. Woohoo!

… Update, while I was working on this little post, she pooped in the bathtub… *forehead smack* Into the shower…

…AND… it appears we’re out of bleach…