From Tethered to Tattered

Souls were meant to travel
To permeate each other
ebb and flow
to soothe into one another
and withdraw like the dew

Yet they are constrained
pushed into this world
caged inside flesh
Tortured by glimpses
of infinity in a moment
and eternity beyond touch

So, what happens
to the soul that escapes
Who shredded its tethers
and flows in and out
of itself and others

What of the body
left behind soulless
during dream time
with connections awry
the cage splayed open
Empty with soul absent

Or of the reunion
And the soul returns
and the body reawakens
when the soul no longer fits
and the cage is weakened

How long can a soul stay
in a cage it hates
when it’s felt freedom
and the touch of life
true as from the source

The shell never fit
A body ever left wanting
Captive of in-between
on staying or leaving

So it leaves just once more
and then returns
Searches again for clarity
Tearing the strands
of body and soul
ever more
and more
Forever more
one last time

Beautiful Vulgarity

I have been looking into some succulents and drought resistant plants to plant along our fence line. I would like something beautiful and functional. The beauty because I enjoy it and the functional to have pokey leaves to help encourage the dogs to stop digging along said fence line in their attempts to go play with the pit bulls next door.


Maybe my husband’s dirty mind has rubbed off on me but I keep seeing a genital pattern in these… and orchids… and lots of other plants.

I’m not sure if I should be humored, concerned, or both. lol

A Few Shades Too Close

So, being pissed and disappointed with my husband’s behavior right before he leaves in deployment seems to be the going trend.

I decided to watch Firty Shades Darker and eat some discounted Valentine’s Day chocolate given my foul mood. I have not read the. Oops and was not a fan of the first movie, it just looked like the second one was going to have more of a plot. Oh well.

Funny thing about “entertainment”, I trained myself at a young age to always look for how what I’m looking at is applicable to my own life. Fifty Shades Darker reminds me a lot of my relationship with my husband when we first got together.

There is a certain level of that need to possess that always made me feel special just as much as it drove me crazy. It’s a twisted spin off of the need to be protected, in my opinion.

It’s interesting to watch a bit of an extension of the darker aspects of one’s own demons up on a big screen. 

She almost attracts as many crazies as I do.

Live Outside the Box

I have always wanted to travel. Lately, I just want to be somewhere that isn’t tainted by bad memories. Or any memories at all.

I want to walk into a canvas, merge into a photograph of some far off place in a culture I don’t know anything about. I want to keep learning and living and breathing in every part of this earth that is so amazing.

I want to see the beauty the way it was meant to be, away from the cities and the people that are destroying it for greed.
I don’t believe people were meant to be kept in boxes.


I need some writing prompts. Anywhere from 1 word to a sentence long.

I want to write but my brain is dead/exhausted/lost in fibro fog.

Thoughts and ideas?