Facets of Drawing Out the Soul

Spirituality is the song that calls int he quiet of a raucous heart. 

Religion is the structure to protect those who have been lost in the lonely wild. 

Intimacy is the relationship for those who were left unloved and unwanted in the universe. 

Calling is the connection of them all intersecting with your truest core of the soul.


We Are Light

We all come into this world as perfect points of light.

As we grow, the darkness of the world encroaches, and we harden the walls of our hearts around our light to protect ourselves from that darkness. What we often fail to realize until years down the road is that, not only are we light, but our light is magnified by the light of those we surround ourselves by.

The walls of a hardened heart may protect but they also confine, they may hold the darkness without at bay but they strangle the life within.

Then, regardless of our best efforts, we are broken. From without or within our walls crack from the years of scoring, they shear down to the soul, through all of that suffocating protection down to what little light we have left… and it hurts.

From those cracks, other’s lights are given the chance to shine back in, and then our light has the chance to grow and shine back out. The walls begin crumbling as the light burns brighter and hotter through healing. There may always be dark clouds floating along our surface from the lives we have lived, but the shadows they cast will grow fainter and fainter as our light grows.

A heart that had been nothing but a lump of rock begins its journey back to a beautiful heavenly body by cracking and breaking and healing.

Who we are is not just a history of how we were treated but also a narrative of how we have treated ourselves and a prediction of how we will treat others.