Saving Orion

Orion is not only my son’s emotional support animal but also the trusted guardian of my son’s heart and soul. life.

He has an intestinal blockage that will in all likelihood require surgery to fix. My family has helped with the costs of attempting intravenous treatment the last several days but we still do not know if he will make it as I/we have been unable to afford the diagnostics to inform us of the totality of the blockage.

Orion has been an integral part of our family since he came to us and we need help saving his



Divorce Processes

I am emotionally exhausted from all of the underhanded crap that’s been dealt to me this last week.

Twenty years of being friends and then lovers, flushed down the drain.

Pinpricks of Light Lead to Dazzling Daybreaks

Even in the darkest night, there are stars.

And that darkest night will always be broken by a dawn.

The dark may temporarily swallow the light, but there will always come a time, when you turn your face from the darkness into the light, that you will see nothing but hope where before hope merely pricked the despair.

Circumstances ebb and flow, but invariably, it is our choice of focus that leads us.