The Nomadic and the Irruptive

It happened over the course of many years that a handsome black swan and a flighty snowy owl fell each into heartbreak. As they had been friends many years and were of great comfort to one another while they healed, when their comforting of each other turned from friendship to something more they decided that perhaps they had been meant for each other.

While the handsome swan travelled about providing for their family, the flighty owl grew restless while she stayed in the nest with their brood. She loved mothering their young ones, and she loved listening. To the adventures her mate the swan would bring home, but the longer she needed to stay in one place, the more unhappy she became. She found solace in taking their offspring to new places and sharing her awe of the unknown with her children. It reminded her of all the amazing thins she hadn't discovered yet and how she hoped to go back to exploring only day, but this time with her mate.

As time wore on and the fledglings grew, the black swan became more and more content to stay by the nest when he could stop adventuring while the snowy owl became more and more excited to leave. This created much unhappiness between them because despite their deep love for one another the very natures of who and what they had always been was coming between them a little bit more each time they tried to be more of what the other was.

While the swan held a little white, and the owl held a little black, they were primarily opposite the other and their offspring a beautiful set of grey fluff whose own natures had yet to show through.


Little Fly, Little Fly

In case anyone was wondering where my daughter gets her lyricist skills from:
Little Fly

Lyrics by Katherine Barber

Sung to the melody of Little Bird, Little Bird from Man of La Mancha.

Little fly, little fly,
Hiding in my house,
Little fly little fly,
I’ll hunt you like a mouse!

You will soon be dead,
To my spider fed!
Little little, little fly,
You’ll soon be dead.

Little fly, little fly,
To my spider fed.
Little fly, little fly.

Example of Melody
*Note: This song just came to me while, wait for it, hunting for a fly in my house. Damn hind are like disease ridden ninjas.