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Day 6 of Summer Visition

Well, here we are at Day 6 and my son’s father has decided that since the call time he agreed to four years ago isn’t convenient for him anymore he’s going to just not adhere to the agreement anymore. He is such a predictable little asshole. He has been dodging my legally allowed phone calls to my son for those entire four years and now he’s being a complete dick about it. Completely. 
Trying to tell me what our new terms are because that’s what he wants and, by the way, he wants a mid-week phone call when our son comes home. Really? You want that now after years of my beggin for you to talk to him on the phone and you just couldn’t be bothered?

His head is so far up his ass you could swear it was back on his shoulders.

Other than, maybe, a three minute conversation where ChaosMonkeg called to tell me his father had said we wouldn’t be able to talk at the agreed upon time tonight, and even that was interrupted by his dad telling him to hurry out the door, i haven’t gotten to talk to him. Again.

What is wrong with people!?! Seriously!! This shit is not healthy for the kid(s) involved and it is delusional and/or selfish to think otherwise. And TheEx straight up said he didn’t care. So pathetic he’s diaasterously funny.


2 thoughts on “Day 6 of Summer Visition

    • Normally it’s been every other week during the summer but this summer we were trying to do the time equally down the middle for the first time, so five weeks. I expected drama and I expected him to try blowing off my call times like he always has but straight up saying “our agreement is null because I don’t want to” was a little beyond what I was expecting.

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