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Days 1 & 2 Of Summer Visitation

Only day two of ChaosMonkey’s visit at his dad’s and there has been nothing but problems both days.

Yesterday, I called at the time his dad and I had agreed upon for me to call and he wouldn’t let me talk to our kid. According to him, he doesn’t have to abide by the agreement because he doesn’t want to anymore. That’s the summation of the argument we had for something along the lines of an hour and a half over text.

Then today, I got to talk to our son when I was supposed to which was a nice change, but TheEx had once again “forgotten” to charge his phone before said call leaving us only enough time for a short conversation but ChaosMonkey starts his conversation with me (after his adorable conversation with his siblings) with “my dad told me not to get in the middle of it but…” and goes off trying to facilitate as a mediator between his dad and I regarding the afore-mentioned unwillingness to uphold his word (though it was obvious his dad had spun himself as the victim, as he always does). He is twisting ChaosMonkey all up just like he used to do to me so that nothign coul dever be his fault, it was unfair to expect him to take responsibility for himself, yada-yada-yada.

But, hey, at least they’re having fun with the remodeling his dad is doing on the house. Funny how he has money for remodelling but not for the over $28,000 owed in child support. Support Enforcement can’t seem to find a valid income source, taxes haven’t been filed, etcetera so on and so forth but, by God, they’re going to have an overcast sky colored bathroom.

Thankfully, he doesn’t have any renters over the summer, I guess, so Alexander has a room of his own to stay in and his dad is even letting him have one of his old computers to work off of, which he of course asked ChaosMonkey to ask me for the login and password for his account at our house to use with said computer. ASK ME YOURSELF, YOU JACKASS. STOP putting the child in the middle of your childish behavior. And, by the wya, please make sure you’ve wiped the hard drive so that none of your horrid, ugly, reprehendisble, and possibly illegal porn ends up in front of his face.


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