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Implied Libel

You’ve got to love all of the implied libel that comes with emails from my ex. He is such a fucking joke.

I emailed him regarding my son’s request for a phone and whether he was willing to let our son fly unaccompanied if the need arose.
•He was more concerned about the phone than the flight.

•He won’t pay child support but wants to pay for a phone for my son complete with GPS tracking and the like.

This motherfucking idiot has the most back assward priorities ever.


1. ChaosMonkey has been asking about getting a phone and I was what you and your wife’s thoughts are on the topic.

2. I was wondering if you would be amenable to letting ChaosMonkey fly unaccompanied up to his grandparents’ if we needed to go that route for the mid summer switch.

1. We’re moderately torn on this. We knew it would be coming soon as he’s getting to that age where all his friends have something, and he’s going to want to feel included. Plus, he’s doing more extra-curricular things where it’s important for him to be able to get a hold of you, me, or whoever the appropriate personnel is. Also, GPS tracking for you and I to be able to keep an eye on his location whenever he’s not with us would be a big plus.
-While our son did ask about if he would be able to transfer his games over from his current non-connected device to a connected-device/phone, his main concern was being able to talk to me without having to depend on his undependable father who has a knack for forgetting his phone, letting his phone die, having my son with babysitters who are unaware that I have a legal time to be speaking with my son, etcetera. 
-While, yes, quite a few of his friends have phones, you know what they do when they’re together? PLAY OUTSIDE! 
-IT’s always important for him to be able to get ahold of anyone he might need to, which is why he IS able to get ahold of people like his biological cather on the device he already has. It’s already pre-programmed in. I guess he just has never felt the need to reach out, kind of like how you, TheEx, never feel a need to reach out to him while he’s with me.
-As for GPS tracking, wihle I agree that’s important for safety reasons I see no reason for only his father to have access to said GPS tracking services when our sone spends 93% of his time with me.

The biggest downside for us though are that he’s still only 11. While he’s shown great maturity in general, and specifically in not losing things (wallet, ID, watch, money, etc) he still has moments of clumsiness (almost every time he uses the iPad here or my phone in the car he seems to drop it or knock it around some how). So we’re hesitant to put a $400 phone in his hands, though I’m sure his preference would be an iPhone that has access to the app store and all the modern apps (so.. iOS 10 capable). I’m sure you remember the phone you had when you were 11. I didn’t get mine until 14, and it was the old Nokia brick that was virtually indestructible.
-Yes, he’s only 11, but your “biggest downside” is him being clumsy with a replaceable piece of equipment? Not opening himself up to dangerous situations on social media sites or chatting with people in games or what have you? FUCK THAT FUCKED UP SHIT!
-Of course I remember the phone I had when I was 11, there was none. I didn’t even think about asking for one either because, hey, I was a kind living a kid’s life with other kids and not doping up the immediate reward center of my brain with electronics.
-Phones can be replaced, PEOPLE CANNOT.

Ex’sWife and I are interested in providing this option for ChaosMonkey at our entire expense. We would add a line to our phone plan, plus the cost of the phone, and insurance…. we anticipate this would cost us about $30 more a month… and we think we can handle that. That being said, there would have to be some… agreement… between you and I that ensures, reasonably, that ChaosMonkey and I can communicate at our leisure. The biggest barrier to this that I can foresee involves using phone privileges as a form of punishment. While I understand that “grounding” and “restriction” (or whatever term your household uses) requires that toys/technology/leisure/pleasure items be unavailable… we would have to figure out exactly what that means when it comes to him and me. I don’t think it’s reasonable for you to “have” to check with me every time you need to take the phone away… but imagine my fear/nervousness if I text/call and can’t get through to him for days.
-Really? You’re interested in providing this for him, are you? No, thank you, we’ll just pay for it out of the child support you’re [not] paying.
-Agreement between you and I? Like the custody arrangement that you can’t seem to stick to? Like paying child support, like you agreed to? Like the daily phone call I’m supposed to get with him that you agreed to?
-Grounding would involve electronics, obviously, which is why you keep communication with all involved parties open, DumbAss. Novel concept, I know. Believe me, I wouldn’t “have” to “check” with you, Ye Who Has No Understandign Of Discipline, Self Or Otherwise.
-If you can’t get ahold of him, let me know, as I’m his sother parent and all chances are I’ll be able to inform you if you’ve just completely destroyed him emotionally again or he’s lost his phone or what.

I don’t know what the solution is… but I’m definitely willing to keep the conversation going.

-Trust me, that’s obvious and expected at this point.

2. I don’t have a problem with this transportation arrangement. I do, however, need to be kept in the loop for the flight departure information, PRIOR to purchase. Depending on our location on the weekend of the flight, it may be prudent to fly out of Ontario International Airport (or John Wayne, or LAX) instead of any San Diego airports. Ontario is the most convenient as it is closest to our home, but we may be at Di’s that weekend anyway. We just haven’t planned that far ahead yet.
-Fancy that. All that hullabaloo about a phone but a plane flight with strangers where human trafficking takes place is no big deal. Yeah, airports have security, and yet all sort of crap still goes down in said places.
-You, plan ahead? Seriously? Who do you think you’re talking to? I’ve known you almost 20 yrs,  you either don’t plan or are incapable of the consideration it takes to make plans with people.

Lets keep talking.
-Duh. We still have a few years where that’s required but I can’t wait to be rid of you and the terrible, disruptive, negative, self-esteem crushing affect you have on our son. Not that he’ll ever be rid of those things completely as you’ve pummelled them into him via your neglect, but I’m sure you know what I mean.


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