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Hope is Possible

I really just want to share something. My husband is military and was unexpectedly out of communication for a while, that while being over Mother’s Day. Leading up to and over Mother’s Day it seemed like everyone I knew was announcing they were expecting and, while I was happy for them, it was a little heart-wrenching because my husband had always wanted a whole gaggle of kids and that’s just not something I could physically give him. 

I wrote him a short email basically just saying I wish I could be/give him everything he wanted in life and out of the blue I get a response back: “what more could I ever ask for?”. 
Instantaneous balling. We have had so many struggles with the fibromyalgia and other health concerns that my body just blew up with starting 4 yrs ago that to hear him say that meant more than anything in the world.

We have had some drop-dead serious arguments about my “illness” and whether it was real or not, that I just needed to find a doctor who could fix me, to even talking about divorce because he felt like he couldn’t deal with me not being who he married.

Despite all the fights we still loved each other and still wanted it to work and have been trying so hard to work to make it work.

I know not everyone gets “happy endings” but this little bit of hope is out there. It’s possible. It’s possible for someone to love me as who I am now. 


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