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One Week Gone

This past week has been a really difficult one… ended up in the ER again, which caused so many problems, and we’ve had problems with housing, and the owner of the dog we’re dogsitting (it went from 6months to who knows when the fuck they’re going to pick him up if they pick him up), to other doctor and health stuff, and family stuff, and spouse stuff. Just one hell of a hell of a week.

The kids and I cuddled up to watch Beauty and the Beast last night, which led to them singing Tale As Old As Time while in bed. Such a happy memory after such an unhappy week. I’m glad the weekend is here and that my kids are having one of their “get along” days thus far. I seriously just need lots and lots of cuddles right now.

Once everything has calmed down I’m going to be starting some new fibromyalgia meds, so I’m pretty nervous and excited about that. My psychologist gave me some homework, in chatting about what had been going on this past week with her she said I reminded her of “Sebastian and the Magic Pebble” and “Brave Irene”. While Sebastian drew a blank, Brave Irene sounded slightly familiar, but I’ve googled them up and am going to read some digital copies of these children’s books I reminded her of. Hopefully, they’ll be encouraging to my “I overthink everything” brain. lol

Part of me feels really overwhelmed, part of me is feeling stubborn and driven, and part of me is just lost. Same old, same old. I’m sleeping better, which is a huge plus.

Thank you, Blank Page, for listening and letting me filter stuff. Thank you, any readers who have continued to keep up with me despite my chaotic and overly emotional postings.

I am continuing to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I refuse to just give up and let this disease win, to let Life win, but I am also trying so carefully to abide by the new boundaries my body has set up for/against me. I am trying to heal, I am trying to build strength, and I am trying to be better.


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