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The Secret Keeper’s Writing Prompt #85

My first attempt at one of one of The Secret Keeper‘s writing prompts, #85 to be precise. The Challenge Words were: | SCORE | SLEEP | FREE | CALM | ESCAPE |


The dream scored the senses into the flesh but the soul still wasn’t sticking. It wanted to be free. It didn’t want to stay in the body. It wanted to escape.

The sensations flared again as another reality seared its way through the mind, snatching at the soul. The body laid calm and still as the soul bucked and shied away.

This world burned. This reality was pain. The soul was too strong to stay tethered to this weak little cage.

But… then… they knew. So they tore it. They took infinity and divided it and pushed the broken bits into the bodies. They sewed the tattered edges into the mind and pinned it down through the veins.

Now you know why something is missing. They took you from yourself.

But because you are still you, if you find the rest of you, then you’re even more you than you were before.


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