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Dog Eat Dog Days

Just when I started feeling more human, I was notified one of the puppies from our litter 1 1/2 yrs ago had been spotted, emaciated and abandoned, running around where we used to live.

I searched and searched for any sign of his owners and, long story short, instead of returning him to me as per their contact when they decided they didn’t want him anymore, they just gave him to some random person.
This was only discovered after a shit load of lies and legal involvement and things are at a point currently where the people who have him who are responsible for his “emaciated” state are refusing to give him back even though he’s legally ours.

Now, the base’ vet has contacted me because of lies being told to them about the dog by numerous people, they contacted me  and said “There’s a lot of lying going on and not by you”. 

I shouldn’t have to drag this into court, theoretically people should do what’s right because it’s right. If our dog is wth a family that’s taking care of him, I have no issues with letting them keep him, but that doesn’t seem to be the kind of people he’s with. He’s not even potty trained, somehow.

This is killing me. He was the shyest puppy of he litter, and definitely sensitive. I hate the thought of him being mistreated.


4 thoughts on “Dog Eat Dog Days

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