Pop Your Pout Party

Totally shameless self promotion here.

I’m looking to start selling Senegence, who’s most well known product is their


Long lasting, performance grade lipstick.

You can attend (and please do, I need more people, lol) here:Pop Up Party


I’m sorry this isn’t a super fancy invite, my computer died and I’m working from my phone. Lol

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, a significant other, or in need of stage make up, hit me up, let me know, and I’ll get you an invite to the party. 😉

That being said, I’m trying to work on a writing project, just something small, by I’m looking for the “untold stories” behind your favorite songs. Care to share?


Depressed or Just Shitty

How do you tell the difference between depression and just being in a shitty situation for an extended amount of time? Because, if I’m depressed I’m going to get kicked out of the fibromyalgia study… 😭

I got the “I don’t want a divorce but I want a divorce” talk a few nights ago. Part of me doesn’t blame him, part of me does, all parts of me still blame my self despite the fact that this is beyond my control. I’m doing my best to get healthy again, it’s just not working.

My girl Una finally found a home, wih Siberian Husky breed and show people nonetheless. They only live 45 minutes away or so and said I can come visit. This makes me happy even though I was sad to see her leave.

I thought I’d try doing one of those work from home salesman things wih SeneGence since I love their products. Brought it up with the husband like I’ve been meaning to do for the last two weeks, his initial reaction was to tell me I should sell he same stuff his mother sells. Like the industry isn’t inundated with Ameay products and sales reps already.

I had hoped to do something taking photos by at this point my hands twitch/shake too much. I can’t get a clear shot.

My stepmom decided to jump on the “mind over matter” train and I just couldn’t listen to it. I told her I was done talking and hung up. She thinks I’m “resigned” to my situation.

I’m not resigned but I have accepted it. I have to be careful with my body, I have to listen to it, I have to work with it, I can’t just power through things anymore. My body will literally just give out and shut down if I try to.

Mind over matter is a great theory but it doesn’t work for mine. I’ve tried. For years. Please stop telling me how to exist when you have no idea what it takes to just make it through a day in my shoes.

I know she wants to help, but I have multiple, medically chronic conditions. I am beyond mind over matter. My body needs help and admitting that is not just okay but healthy.

The Tooth of the Matter

So the kids’ dentist appointments went great, thankfully. They did tell us that my daughter needs to have a couple teeth pulled in hopes of avoiding braces later. It’s more money than we can afford to have then do it and the teeth aren’t wiggly at all yet, but the adult teeth are close behind and the roots aren’t dissolving.

Has anyone had to deal with their teeth being pulled early at home? Or a kid’s teeth? Tips, tricks, or suggestions, please?

Twice Upon A Nightmare

I woke up from a nightmare twice this morning. Talk about recurring issues.

I don’t have the “wake up scared and turn a nightlight on” kind of nightmares. I have the “wakes up drenched in sweat and needing dry pajamas but you’re too scared to move and your heart is racing so fast you actually pass back out” kind of nihtmares.

They were really bad when I was little, same age my daughter is now, and for some reason have been getting worse and worse since our move here.

Dog Eat Dog Days

Just when I started feeling more human, I was notified one of the puppies from our litter 1 1/2 yrs ago had been spotted, emaciated and abandoned, running around where we used to live.

I searched and searched for any sign of his owners and, long story short, instead of returning him to me as per their contact when they decided they didn’t want him anymore, they just gave him to some random person.
This was only discovered after a shit load of lies and legal involvement and things are at a point currently where the people who have him who are responsible for his “emaciated” state are refusing to give him back even though he’s legally ours.

Now, the base’ vet has contacted me because of lies being told to them about the dog by numerous people, they contacted me  and said “There’s a lot of lying going on and not by you”. 

I shouldn’t have to drag this into court, theoretically people should do what’s right because it’s right. If our dog is wth a family that’s taking care of him, I have no issues with letting them keep him, but that doesn’t seem to be the kind of people he’s with. He’s not even potty trained, somehow.

This is killing me. He was the shyest puppy of he litter, and definitely sensitive. I hate the thought of him being mistreated.