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Holiday Hell-abaloo 

The holidays this year were just one bad set of events after another and I am so incredibly thankful they are over and done with. I can’t deal with anymore family drama. I am emotionally bankrupt and need a break.

I am super excited for the drug trial I’m going to be a part of in 2017. Other things that are possibly looming in my future depending on if we can find a better maintenance regiment are heart surgery, vertebral fusing/ spinal rods, seizure studies,  some more ENT work, and still lots and lots of testing. 

Seems my body is eating holes in my heart but my currently assigned cardiologist doesn’t have the necessary competency to figure it out.
That all being said, my kids continue to be the most wonderful source of parental trials in my life. Everyday day with them is a gift, something I am constantly reminded of given the mercurial state of my health. My eldest is thankfully tolerant of the over abundance of hugs, lol. I love them so much. They are my world. ❤


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