New doctors have led to new hope and definitely a lot of new information about what I might/probably have going on. The suspicion is that my fibromyalgia is secondary to something else and the hunt is on for whatever that is. Answers! With more questions. But there is also a road planned out to find more answers. I know it’s a bumpy and troubled road, but having a doctor truly on my side is such a relief! Progress! *sigh*

I have had a lot of trouble and heartache over having to basically relinquish all hope of seeing my step-daughter. I might get to meet her when she’s an adult a long ways down the line, but as of now I miss putting together her little gift boxes for the holidays and still stutter over my responses to the kids about where she is and why she doesn’t come visit or is present to be in our family photos that we take. I’m getting better, though, there is far less crying from day to day now. Yay for a little bit more progress…


So Much…

A lot has been happening, the majority of which being health issues.

The great news is I have started seeing a new rheumatologist who is amazing. T was hard being 100% honest with her in front of my husband about how bad things really were. Not hard because I was hiding it, but hard because of the judgement I expected to come from him… again. I think he might have had his eyes opened a bit, though, judging from the arguments and the changes in behavior since the appointment.

Things do seem to have the slightest glimmer of hope around them, all of a sudden, though, so we’ll see.