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Closing the Age Gap

My great grandmother and I were identical despite the years apart. The few pictures held in treasure boxes throughout her attic confirmed it. That was where the similarities ended, I’m afraid, but I didn’t find that out till years later.

It seems that my grandmother has been quite on the decline since her original diagnosis of congestive heart failure. There is not a lot of info passed to me from my mother, she doesn’t tend to talk about people other than herself. I did however hear today that she was in the hospital for quite a long while last month due to a new degenerative disc condition they’ve found along her neck.

We once again have a matching diagnosis, though mine seem to have been found sooner than hers. I have more time to correct or adapt to mine…

Makes me wonder what else we might have in common that I haven’t been told about.

I am wondering a lot about the secrets everyone keeps.


3 thoughts on “Closing the Age Gap

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother. She may decline in stages — a lot for a short time, then stable for a while till the next episode. Commonalities are difficult — especially when one is reluctant to talk about them! I never was able to talk with my mother, and periodically wonder ~ ~ ~

    • It’s hard not to wonder. My great grandmother died and I still don’t know how. Now my grandmother is sick and the only way I find out anything is when my mom or grandmother accidentally let something sleep. It’s always felt like my mom’s mind always had one foot out the door.

      I don’t even know how to articulate how I’m feeling…

  2. some secrets are best said on breezy nights as they are carried aloft so that they become only the sound of the wind. and who really listens to the wind?

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