Burn Baby

On top of having 3rd degree burns on my hands the last few weeks, I seem to be slipping overall. I couldn’t even remember how to get to my blog here except that it had the word “word” in the address… Stuttering has started. My sleep is worse. The pain is worse. My heart is worse.

I’m hoping I’m just going through a “bad spell” and it’ll turn around soon. I have appointments with the cardiologist and neurologist tomorrow. We’ll see how those go…

It hurts to type so I’m signing off. Please keep me in prayer, send good vibes, light some incense, whatever your beliefs are to help my doctors find the cause so we can manage the “disease”.

I’m so tired, and so close to feeling hopeless as the pain just seeps deeper and deeper. I’m a stubborn one, and thank God for that, but I could use… help… to keep fighting this.


Vampiric Tendencies

It seems I have developed a, hopefully temporary, allergy to sunlight. Thankfully it’s not a whole body reaction, it’s limited to my face and my hands.

How does this occur? Evidently it’s similar to any other environmental allergy in that my environment, the change of sunlight from less direct to more direct, has triggered a sensitivity to it.

I’m just waiting for them to tell me I’m allergic to my blood, or air, or maybe water.

Nothing like sitting in the dark with ice packs on your hands and face to heal your wounds after a bright sunny birthday party, lol.

Closing the Age Gap

My great grandmother and I were identical despite the years apart. The few pictures held in treasure boxes throughout her attic confirmed it. That was where the similarities ended, I’m afraid, but I didn’t find that out till years later.

It seems that my grandmother has been quite on the decline since her original diagnosis of congestive heart failure. There is not a lot of info passed to me from my mother, she doesn’t tend to talk about people other than herself. I did however hear today that she was in the hospital for quite a long while last month due to a new degenerative disc condition they’ve found along her neck.

We once again have a matching diagnosis, though mine seem to have been found sooner than hers. I have more time to correct or adapt to mine…

Makes me wonder what else we might have in common that I haven’t been told about.

I am wondering a lot about the secrets everyone keeps.