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Beautiful Drug

The first time I heard this song on the radio was a very difficult day for me. It had me balling while I thought “I wish someone thought of me that way”.
My Gunner and I have been under so, so much stress the last few years and, with the end in sight, we are teetering on that edge of anticipation and just having no had enough.
Today, my husband sent me a text saying “There is a new song in iTunes. Beautiful drug. Check it out. Heard in n thought of you n I. So well explained.”

I am terrible with songs and their names and didn’t even recognize the first few lines. Then it hit me, and I started crying all over again.

Marriage is a struggle. Life is a struggle. Sometimes you’re tired and can’t imagine getting back up… And then someone gives you the strength, in some small way, to push yourself back up again.
My husband is my strength, inspiration, and anchor on so many levels and so are my kids. We fight with and for one another. We are drawn together to reach out and grow into the world as the unique, one of a kind souls that we are.

Beautiful Drug


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