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Literary Lion Writing Prompt: Fall

Another belated attempt for the Literary Lion’s writing prompts. In 400 words or less here is my work for Fall.


Falling For Heroism

There it was again–the pull of a world that had shifted and fallen apart beneath his feat, the cost of heroism that everyone romanticizes with pretty nurses and massages the lead to happy endings.

He pushed back up, the pain blurring his eyes with tears as he fought back against the pain and failure lurking behind his efforts.

He had been trained for worse than this, to withstand the elements, torture, full and complete abandonment by humanity. How was it that standing seemed so insurmountable?

The pull back down to  shattered futures brought him crashing down again. He pushed up onto an elbow and panted, sweat trickling down his forehead and washed out of his eyes, dripping to the floor as a singular drop of dreams and toxins.

His buddies had hauled him up, had impeded their progress with their field kit turnikits and slung him upon their shoulders. They’d have dragged him between them if his body had reached to the ground.

He’d found the device by stepping on it if memory served. They told him thank you for his selflessness, for yelling to stay back as he jerked his head out of his helmet and slammed it down, falling on it as if his desire to save those behind him was weight enough to contain the explosion.

He’d saved his lives and lost his legs… some other parts, too.

He reached up to the parallel bars, with one arm and then the other, granting with the effort and exhaustion.

He would not let that fall nor this one define him.

Words: 263

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