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Literary Lion Writing Prompt: Gamble

Here is my entry for Laura’s Literary Lion Prompt, Gamble, in 400 words or less. Many thanks to her and her amazing creativity for these prompts!


Fly Away

They keep telling me what I can’t do. They keep telling me I have to be careful. To be safe. I’m sick. I’m fragile. I can’t be like other kids. I can’t jump and run. My teacher says to be patient, that maybe I’ll be stronger when I get to first grade.

I’m mad.

It’s not fair.

I’ve been swinging as high as I can go, the wind helps me feel better…

But the tears still hurt.

I need to get higher, even as the swing hiccups and snaps, I want to go higher. I want to get away.

Maybe… if I get higher enough… I can let go… and jump into the sky… Or… they could be right…


Word Count: 114

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