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“Mom, how much am I worth?”

It’s been a whirlwind of weirdness since my mom got her cancer diagnosis last week. Seems like she and I both have a multitude of medical appointments to be making. On the upside my last MRI should be tomorrow. I’m excited to have these done with. Gotta go confirm I have a brain and then color it pretty colors and all done… That’s the plan anyways.

The last three days have been bits and conversations with ChaosMonkey about stuff with his dad. He keeps asking. And, as painful as it is, he’s putting the pieces together whether I want him to or not. It’s interesting, though, to hear his questions, watch him assimilate the information I am willing to give him, and you just see the wheels turning and turning and turning.

Hubby’s wanted me to talk to him straight about this particular topic for a while now, but ChaosMonkey’s just a kid and I didn’t want him worrying about it. He made it clear to me last night that he was worrying whether he knew what exactly was going on or not. Last night was definitely the longest of the talks we’ve had since they started last Sunday. He said before bed that he wanted to continue the conversation today.

He told me a couple of things going on over at his dad’s that had him on the verge of tears; things like TheEx and stepmom had been arguing more over TheEx’s unwillingness to do anything. I asked ChaosMonkey to clarify and he reiterated, “ANYTHING. He won’t want to go to the store or help at the house or watch a movie or anything”. Seems like his dad has done what he did before, get someone to take care of everything for him; take care of the house, ChaosMonkey, finances (she’s working 2 or 3 jobs last I heard whereas he “doesn’t” work), the list kind of goes on. And I would know, I was there myself once.

The driving force behind his questions ad expressions almost seemed to say “How much am I worth to you?” and “How much am I worth to my dad?”.


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