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Totally Over Sensitive

So, after attending my first nerve testing appointment we have discovered I am, among other things, over sensitive. Surprising, I know, lol. Seriously, though, my nerves are overactive. I have the second half of the test to perform still but right now it’s already looking like an practically confirmed fibromyalgia diagnosis. There’s a plethora of other tests, MRI’s, blood work (God, it was like 8 or 9 vials, I lost track), and who knows what else down the line.

It’s a diagnosis my last primary care was suspicious of before I got switched to someone who has spent the last two years looking at me like I’m crazy. It took waking up unable to feel my arms and legs before he took me seriously. I am so glad to finally be getting some answers but at the same time, there’s that… line… you cross, that label you’re given that says “you’ll never be the same again”. I”M being dramatic… I’m being over sensitive… I’m being complicated and  conflicted and, yes, probably over-reacting.

The neurologist also found a pinched nerve and a bulging disc. Treatment is supposed to begin after all the scans and tests are done and over with.

I’m nervous. I’m excited. I’m a mosh-mash of emotional mingle-mangle.


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