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Questions, More Questions

My appointment with the neurologist was an odd culmination of exceeding expectations and disappointments. Despite having been told by the imaging center that my MRI’s were being sent over right then after they were taken, my neurologist had yet to receive them two weeks later at my appointment with her. After discussing the symptoms I’ve had getting worse over the last three years I have more scans and blood work and who knows what else pending in my near future.

She listed off a few things she wanted to check for that fit what I’m going through, multiple sclerosis was the only one I recognized. Had I been sent to a rheumatologist they’d probably be looking at fibromyalgia or scleroderma, given what my old doctor had thought I might be dealing with.

I don’t like not knowing. I don’t like being exhausted and in pain all the time. I don’t like feeling like I’ve been doing deadweights after I brush my hair.

I went in looking for answers and came out with more questions.

Ironic, how that’s the way it usually goes.


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