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Literary Lion Writing Prompt: Eyes

This week’s 400 word or less writing prompt from ISmithWords is: Eyes.


Eyes Closed

He wasn’t the most observing of individuals. Changes in his day to day routines went unnoticed; haircuts, curtains, employees. It was like certain things just didn’t exist on his radar. if you asked him straight out, you could watch the analyzing develop into surprise and then whatever attitude he felt needed to be attributed to the change. His eyesight was superb, but he didn’t seem to actually see anything.

Having always been a bit of an oddment out, despite his attractive eyes and inviting smile, he could have a conversation just fine, even be funny or charismatic at times, but once you got too close he would shrivel up into his own skin as if recoiling from physical contact.

Today was just another day as he walked from the office down to the park for lunch. He’d eat whatever he had brought and then sit on the bench in the gnarled old tree’s shade by the water with his eyes closed for almost his entire lunch hour.

He wasn’t out of touch here. The only time he felt like he could really see was when his eyes were closed. He felt the summer citrus and rose scented air brush against his skin and lift his hair off his face, heard the children laughing on the playground and dogs chasing frisbees or squirrels, he could feel the lives around him brushing up against one another, weaving together and separating out. It was a beautiful dance.

When he opened his eyes, the life faded away. It was too easy to miss life when his eyes were open.



Words: 267


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