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Sleepover Hangovers

As a kid, i loved sleepovers. I lived for those amazing nights away from home, away from the yelling and constant tension, where I could stay up all night reading, drawing, writing, being myself with no responsibilities come the next day (usually, lol).

As a parent, I love when my kids have sleepovers. I love that we’re the “fun house” that parents still feel they can trust our parental judgement in this world of inappropriate media and propaganda pushing to keep their kids safe in all forms. I love that my kids can bond with their friends at home and don’t feel a need to hide who they or their friends are from us.

What I don’t love? The minute to minute fighting off of zombieness that comes the next day. I already don’t sleep well, and it’s one thing if it’s little girl giggles keeping my up till midnight but last night it was growing pains at least every hour. My poor little girl had her best friend over and here she is waking up crying constantly while her friend sleeps on through it like a rock. I have had a ton of coffee and am trying a coke despite the fact that I am supposed to be staying away from caffeine because of my heart. SOMEONE needs to not be grumpy, lol, but I am utterly exhausted.


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