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I got to pick my son up, and get snapped at by his stepmom, lol.  I don’t think it’s too much to ask that if you’re running late, you let me know. That way the cops aren’t waiting for you in regards to a possible kidnapping, ya know?

On the drive home, it was obvious my son has adapted his father’s aggressively hypersensitive attitude when conversing with me. It was like anything I said during our conversation that was addressing an assumption or incorrect fact sent him into a hissy fit. Once I called him on it, the attitude pretty much disappeared. Kinda makes me think that since that’s how he’s always seen his dad treat me he’d try treating me that way, too. It’s not the first time ChaosMonkey’s come home emotionally… tweaked. It happens almost every time if not every time.

I am so glad to have him home, though.


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