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Hubby is really feeling the pressure of being the only bread winner in the family. I’m thinking I’m gonna try doing some make up artist work to earn some money. It wouldn’t be much but there are enough wives around here wanting to do photos for their hubbies I think I could make enough to make it worthwhile. I would have a similar schedule to the other SAHMs around and could work with the career gals on the weekends. That would mean Hubby would have to cope with the kids during those times but I’m hoping it would be good for the kids. We’re all feeling the pinch.

No one will help us with getting a mortgage because of the short-sale we did. We have another year before we’re out from under that particular rain cloud. Hubby got that news yesterday and I can honestly say he looked and acted utterly defeated when he got home. You know, that posture that just screams “I’ve been beaten down and I can’t get up”.

I want to do something. I want to help! Even when I was pregnant with our daughter I was working three jobs. It was only enough to cover my gas and our groceries while child support plus some was used on school/childcare for my eldest. Now I’m not working and we don’t have child support. It just keeps dragging on and we’re hitting our breaking points, I think. I know I’ve struggled with feeling like I’m contributing quite a lot but for my HUSBAND to feel that way when he’s the only paycheck coming in and he is running himself into the ground to do it… It’s heartbreaking.


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