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Literary Lion Writing Prompt: King

After much, much struggling, I give you this week’s 400 words or less writing prompt from ISmithWords: King.

My King

He stalks through the underbrush, creeping along the precipice. His muscles are tensed under his skin as if his strength alone holds him aloft from the fallen leaves. He lived for the hunt, for the torture afterwards as he played with the intruders, teasing them with the hop of escape only to bring them down again. The boundaries of his kingdom were strong and his subjects vigilant yet intruders still managed to circumvent his safeguards. Not that he minded a reprieve from his luxuries, he quite enjoyed the defending of his lands.

The dark form of his prey was quick despite having been wounded. There would be no mercy this time, it’s end quick for this game had grown tiresome.

In desperation, it threw itself from the edge in a daring attempt to clear the roaring waters, but the king knew no fear and threw lunged from the safety of the ground to secure his kill.

I heard a terrible crash, a slew of curses, and saw my husband walk out of the kitchen holding my bengal waterlogged and hissing at arms length.

“You’re goddamn cat was trying to catch a fly.” He said tossing the wet mess at me as I held up a towel.

“Aw, my brave Odysseus. Have you been hunting again?” I laughed.

Words: 217


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