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There has just been non-stop drama with the families. I need a break. And there is no break coming.

On top of all the drama, money is tight, as always, and our youngest is turning two next month with my husband’s eldest turning nine the month after…

My husband and I are both in this place of utter disappointment with ourselves. We feel like we should be able to give our kids so much more than we actually can at this point in our lives.

We’re trying to look at orders and how we’re going to afford a place, whether renting or owning, in the places they are leading us to believe we may end up.

Which brings us full circle back to all the messiness with TheEx and how everything with him is such a battle.. A battle being fought with dishonest, manipulative people. *sigh*

Which reminds me, I have an MRI, cardiology and neurology appointments to set up…

Kinda want to cry right now.


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