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What a Day…

After I’d thought I was finally calmed down enough to get a “reasonable” email off to TheEx, he pulls more shit. I swear, it’s like he’s incapable of realizing that CHILDREN shouldn’t be used as leverage, messengers, and that time with them should be used as a method of reducing child support but building healthy relationships.

You don’t freaking put a child, especially a 9 yr old with a history of panic attacks and the like, in the middle of your adult bullshit.

On that note, anyone have a suggestion for a non-attacking title for an email re-informing someone that it is not appropriate to discuss visitation changes with a child and expect them to ask the other parent?

In other news, I survived having 4 children under the age of 5 running around my house yesterday. My daughter got to play with her best friend and my youngest got some more socialization with a little girl just under his age (but easily twice his weight). At Two years old my toddler’s weight hasn’t changed in almost a year. He’s healthy, active… really active… no signs of developmental milestones being delayed. I’m thinking he’s just gonna be a lightweight like his parents. 😀 



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