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Rant Upon “Co-Parenting” Stupidities

Doing the visitation pick up and drop off this past Sunday was a freaking joke. Not only did TheEx try to sneak by me (He’s over 400 lbs, I’m sure, how the hell does he think he can “sneak” anywhere?) then he had his wife conveniently come out of the bathroom after I had texted him I was there. I mean, really? And she says that he said it would be okay for her to pick our son up. I don’t care if he’s fine with it, I’M NOT and they are both aware of it as I emailed them both and explained I wasn’t going to give ChaosMonkey over to someone who isn’t legally responsible and accountable for his well-being because God knows trying to explain to TheEx that when he doesn’t show up for the pick ups/drop offs, but especially the pick ups, it really affects our son.

Then he put our son in the middle of crap between he and I. He talked with ChaosMonkey about how if I let him spend extra time with his dad then he can go to Six Flags with him and had ChaosMonkey ask me about it. Of course the kid wants to go to Six Flags but TheEx should have spoken with me, the other “adult” in the situation, before broaching the subject with ChaosMonkey. It even states in our freaking court order that the parents shall not schedule events with the child during the other parent’s time. How sad is it that they even had to put that in there? Oh my freaking gosh.

I am so frustrated with the whole situation. I am sick and tired of ChaosMonkey being used as a publicity pawn and his needs going unmet. Thankfully he comes back from TheEx’s being fed more regularly than he was before TheEx got married but that seriously seems to be the only current plus.

And for a guy who claims he’s totally broke and can’t make rent and blah blah blah, ChaosMonkey is coming home with a lot of gifts, traveling about, eating out, a trip to Six Flags, is this really all adding up? Plus his claim that the State seized the entirety of a $2,000 paycheck for a contract job that they must have paid to me when, in fact, the state had no inkling of such a paycheck existing? I even called the State and sent TheEx a picture of the State’s “account” showing they had no record of such an amount and he still claimed they’d given it to me.

I am frustrated and angry for so many reasons and I should be used to his bullshit by now but I find the unwillingness to be a better person than you/he was yesterday infuriating. He is being more juvenile and far more unscrupulous than ChaosMonkey, and ChaosMonkey is the actual child in all this. ChaosMonkey is supposed to be looking to us, his parents, for guidance on moral behavior, healthy decision making, HOW TO LIVE HIS OWN LIFE, and this is the crap he’s being handed to work with? My husband and I do our best to help him come to his own decisions on the company he keeps, how he eats and exercises, the kind of material he puts into his brain. We want him to be able to make good choices for himself because that is what is best for HIM, now and in the long run.


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