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Rants Are Not Enough

I gave a little rant a while back in regards to dealing with TheEx and the last few days have been jam-packed with some wonderful experiences but also many experiences of dealing with him.

Father’s Day seems to be THE lose-lose of all days and holidays combined for my poor ChaosMonkey. Father’s Day after Father’s Day it’s been, “I can’t I have THIS to do”, or “SOMEONE’S gonna pick him up and watch him because I’m too busy with this”, or etcetera so on and so forth all down the line.

It’s all so messed up and trigger happy right now. I swear, no matter what I do or say if it isn’t what he wants then he just “pa-shews” right off the handle.

Visitation is a sensitive issue, I get that, and we’re both sensitized to it all, but… Gah.

If we don’t have the funds to make the drive, we don’t. My husband went behind my back to get a loan from a “company” that is essentially a legal loan shark. I could have killed him! But it was more important to him to help me keep my word in regards to getting ChaosMonkey where we agreed he would be and when. And then we’re there, when and where we’re supposed to be, and TheEx didn’t show up, didn’t respond to my texts, and with how things have been I wasn’t about to have undocumented communication with the… “man” (and I use the term loosely, like his freaking pants that he can’t seem to keep on).

His recollection of past events is so backwards… He has totally inverse the situation in his head. Whether he’s lying to save face or is just that delusional, I don’t know. But I do know he is the type to buy into his own bullshit. I’m half tempted to post the email chain just so that all his BS is “out there”. Some feeling of “here’s how he really is, world” without making his wife feel like she/her marriage is being attacked.

So far, I kind of like his wife, we get along well and have similar interests and really seem to hit it off when we see each other. Though TheEx claims I antagonize him at every pick up/drop off which I find totally bogus as my interaction with him are short and polite. He’s got skin like jell-o at this point, it seems. Gah…


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