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Halved Pears (TMI)

It’s finally happened. It’s “real”, “official”, someone outside of my head has made the observation (translate as mercilessly teased) that after weaning my last child I no longer have boobs.

I had the “perfect hourglass” measurements of the 40’s or whenever it was. Even after two kids that’s what my body returned to but after my third? I now have  the enlarged hips and ribcage that go along with having offspring but as I am no longer nursing I have lost those DD wonders.

Pear shaped? Nope. I am now what a pear would look like if you cut the top portion off. I feel all around wide and just… well… I miss those boobs. What can I say?

With my eldest, my cup size dropped dramatically after he was weaned, too, and then kind of averaged out after a couple years to around what I had been before having him. I am hoping this time will be similar but not a lot has been similar with this one. We’ll see, though.

Here’s hoping for some semblance of boobs again soon! Or, ya know, winning the lottery so I can afford enough saline, or silicone, or whatever the heck they use to make fake boobs to have boobs again.

P.S. I can’t imagine getting wasting money on a boob job but sometimes it’s fun to pretend I would. Just so I can wonder…


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