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Just Family

I was over reading Just A Pet by I Am Prepared For The Worst and it really hit home. The essence of her post was that pets are not “just pets”, they are part of the family and I very much agree with that.

Something in her post triggered a correlation that’s been brewing in my head these last few days: when I was pregnant with my eldest his father convinced me to put him up for adoption and re-homing our fluffy love bug feels similar. For most of my pregnancy every day was a heart-wrenching goodbye to this tiny person I didn’t even know yet, every day with it’s new milestones and experiences were torture. That’s how I’m feeling with our fluffy pup right now. The loss keeps compounding with every cuddle and kiss he gives us. We just need it all to be over and done with so, perhaps, we can get a little closure.

I know it will be better for our pup to be in a family where he is the only canine, but I can’t help but feel like I used to think in a similar manner with ChaosMonkey. When times are especially hard I still wonder if he would have been better off with a more… established… set of parents. I would have regretted it forever, though…

It’s all an emotional muck-up in my head right now. Our little teddy bear is very much so part of the family, and very bonded to us as we are to him… but I would say it’s coming to the point where soon it might be a safety issue… for everyone.


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