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Breaking Hearts and Giving Love Away

I had to break my son’s heart today.

For months now my husband and I have been discussing how the dogs aren’t getting along. After a friend of ours told us they were having to re-home their husky my husband decided that it was time to bite the bullet and re-home our wonderful malamute.

ChaosMonkey & Koda 06/2015

We decided this Sunday. I contacted the previous owners to see if they would like to re-adopt our fluffy pup. We spoke, and then I didn’t hear back from them, despite a second attempt to talk with them. Then on one of the military community pages I frequent, a spouse was asking what one should do with their dog when they’re traveling as she and her husband were looking to get one. I left my two cents and then messaged her, asking what kind of a dog she was looking for as we had quite a lover who would be perfect for a beginning, single down family.

Well, one thing led to another and within in hour of mentioning to an outside party that we were looking to re-home the dog that everyone but my husband has bonded with he has two paws out the door with a meet and greet this evening. Needless to say I was all of a sudden faced with the sudden need to explain to my son that we were having to give away “his” dog that he’s been so close with… something I thought I’d have a couple of weeks to build up to was now looming mere hours away with only an hour and a half between when ChaosMonkey got home from school and our dog’s potential adoptees arrived.

You could tell, as soon as the topic was broached, that he knew what was coming. You could just see the joy melt from his face, the anger and aggression start building, him thinking frantically of how to direct it while knowing logically that it was no one’s fault. I was watching his heart break, and it broke mine to do it.

I’ve watched this process so many times with ChaosMonkey, usually in regards to his biological dad canceling, forgetting or forgoing his time with him. This time, it was his best fluffy friend. I feel horrid. I feel like I’m always the bearer of bad news, the one watching his heart break and trying to help him pick up the pieces and put them back together so he can keep going. I swear, there are days when he feels pain so keenly he switches to sarcastic apathy just to give himself a break. Something he seems to be learning from my husband. Out of all the positive traits he has learned from TheHubby, this one negative one is so hurtful and scary to me.


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