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Dreams, dreams, dreams

I have been having some super intense dreams lately. Coupled with fevers and chills but a consistently lower than normal body temperature. My body is on the fritz, what can I say.

One night I dreamed that I met up with my best friend from high school. She’d grown her hair out super long, still drawing and writing like we used to do together. I hadn’t realized how much I still missed our friendship.

Last night i had one dream where a child, an adult, and a dog were each suffocating to death. The child was the worst, when I tried to help him ninjas or something similar attacked and were trying to kidnap him but were more just keeping me from helping him. Then I had another dream that was some futuristic setting where everyone had some sort of barcode/implants for all their identity info and there were two females trying to skirt the system and being chased down. I think I was one of them intermittently.

Needless to say my subconscious seems to be working overtime on a few things, as if I didn’t already know I was stressing.

Life in general has been really difficult. My husband’s job is killing him, stresses because of TheEx are killing us both, separately and together simultaneously, and a handful of other little stuff that’s just building up like my son getting punched in the face at school yesterday and the school not bothering to contact me about it. Gah, that school…

I’m at that point again where there’s just too much in my head to know where to start.


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