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A Full House

Today, the house has been filled with kids and laundry.

We decided to do laundry early this week, there’s a lot of it.

Then I got a text from a new friend of mine asking if I could babysit her two girls (4 and 1.5 yrs) while she and her husband picked up a desk for their new roommate. Her eldest daughter and mine are “best friends”, as much as four year old attention spans allow, so I jumped at the chance. After a long day of the toddlers not really getting along they are finally napping (my youngest takes a good two hours, at least, to warm up to people outside the family).

After so many times of being “that mom”, the one who feels overwhelmed and stressed out by all the chaos, I finally feel like “that mom” again, the one who thrives on being around children and everyone’s happy and content with one another while I make new snacks off of Pinterest.

Yes, there is still unfolded laundry on our couches, but my kids have clean clothes. My guests are happy and having fun even when not playing with my kids and everyone’s having some “self space” time.

And the thought occurs to me, maybe it wouldn’t have been too difficult to have more, and then I remember my heart and how guests take different emotional energy than your own. Why that is I don’t know, but in my case at least it’s true.

It’s nice. I know it can be crazy and stressful but for right now, today, it’s been quite a beautiful time, and one that I really needed.


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