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Ohana means family. Ohana means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

-Lilo and Stitch

Dear Daughter,

I don’t need to know you to miss you. We have never met and, given the way things have gone, we may never. I hope that one day you will come to realize how very loved you were and are by those you’ve never met. We think of you constantly, we pray for you daily, we wish you nothing but wonderful things in your life.

Your pictures hang on the wall with all our others, though we have few and they are far between. They were not given easily, but that has only made them more precious to us.

Your other older brother wonders what you’re like and if you’ll like camping in Yosemite as much as he does. Your younger sister adores you and makes up stories of the things you’ll do together one day. Your younger brother is still a toddler, but I’m sure he’ll love you just as much as your other two siblings.

Your father misses you. He misses you more than words can say, more than he can say. He hopes against hope that you are well and happy, even if it is without him. He has been turned away from you time and time again, and that is a rejection that tears down into a soul’s core and burns till all that’s left is pain and a ghostly memory, as a dream of a dream, of what might have been.

I pray for you. Your siblings, your father, and I pick out little baubles to send you in the mail. Something that is now bittersweet as your mother has made it clear she discourages you from knowing or connecting with our side of the family. Your older brother understands what that’s like, I’m afraid, as he has experienced such parental alienation while in places besides our home. I cannot understand why a parent, especially a mother, would be so cruel. Perhaps it is something you will have an innocent enough heart not to understand either… but again, that is a hope against hope.

I’ve wondered if you might show up on our door one day, out of the blue. I’ve imagined what it would be like, how you might look (though you’ve always been beautiful). I would want to hug you, without a doubt, but I would probably hesitate or hold back for fear of intimating too much too quickly. We can be an intense family in many ways.

In closing this letter that you are practically guaranteed never to see, know that you are loved; whether it is from across the continent or the world. Wherever this letter finds you, it is sent with love and I hope it is received with it as well.

Love Always,

Your Other Mother


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