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The Damn Mute

I dreamed we were happy. Probably because I went to sleep wondering if other unhappy couples were unhappy simply because they didn’t have the e emotional bank accounts to be anything but given constant money stresses in their lives leading to constant stresses with their children. I’m sure there would be stresses with our kids, or anyone else’s regardless, but if we had the money to put them into schools I genuinely felt they’d be safe, that would be a huge relief. Soon, we’re going to have to send our daughter to kindergarten and I do not trust any of the schools around.

Hubby was amazing during the first week, week an d a half, after I had my surgery. Since then, however, he’s been… short, snappy, just kind of irritable no matter what.Yesterday took the cake. He came home from work in a foul mood and while we were discussing upcoming issues and I asked a question, an on topic question, and he gave me this “how dare you interrupt me” look and stormed off. Didn’t talk to me the rest of the night. Because I asked a flipping question. Dude, the day I stop asking question and being interested in what you have to say, you need to worry.

If I am not asking questions then you no longer interest me.


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