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Mombie Mode

Image Courtesy of OneTiredWorkingMommy.com

I recognized something interesting about my physiology today.

I entered, what I will describe with both love and loathing, as Mombie Mode. The best way I can think of to describe this physical state is that my heart beats an “irregular” heartbeat but at consistent intervals to create more of a heart cadence then a heart beat. Like the gate of a galloping horse. I’ve been on a pretty strong daily dosage of prednisone since the surgery, which always messed with my heart a lot in the past, but today was an almost verge of panic attack level of energy that would not let me stop moving despite being completely and utterly exhausted.

I am referring to this as Mombie Mode in liue of some drug related idea because my body has done this to me previously, usually when stressed as I was today, but usually on a lesser scale. Thank you, prednisone, for amping me up so I can recognize this sooner next time. I’d already taken my heart meds this morning so there wasn’t much I could really do about it but ride it out and rest afterwards. Which my amazing hubby let me do without a second glance but plenty of gentle kisses.

I’m pouring my life out here, I get that, but writing is my filter so this blog is  a big dose of my life. Yes, I am being slightly defensive about that, I know. I’m still riding down the adrenaline. I suppose it’s a good thing I have more heart tests coming up.. Bleh.

It’s nice to be coherent enough to string together a few sentences without my husband laughing at me and helping me along, which if you’d met my husband would totally make you laugh. I’m the book smart one and he’s the street smart one and, though English is his first language, he tends to speak his own dialect more than anything.


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