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Today is nerve-wracking. Not only did I do the blood work to clear me for surgery (looks like I’m good so far) but it’s also the Contempt Hearing or ChaosMonkey’s dad.

I am really nervous about being put out for anything, so it’s a good thing they put me out. I’d probably be babbling like crazy the entire time except for the fact that they’re gonna be putting only God knows what all over and inside my face. Think I’m gonna focus on something else now… I can just feel the stress tensing all my muscles up…

As far as the Contempt Hearing goes, no one at the Enforcement Office seems able to give me a straight answer on it. “It’s a trial”, “it’s just another hearing”, “they’ll allow him a defense attorney if he wants”, “these hearings are so uncommon we don’t know what’s gonna happen”, basically a bunch of circular B.S.. It’s kind of crazy making. I have no idea what to make of it.

That’s just for the child support that hasn’t been paid since September of 2013. Almost two years without money that, frankly, we really depended on. ChaosMonkey is a really bright kid who needs extra materials while he’s in school and jumps entire sizes when he grows, so when he grows he needs a whole new wardrobe. We have been super fortunate in terms of clothing, yes they’re too big around the waste but some belts and long shirts and it’s not to noticeable, even if he does hate it.

Then there’s the medical/dental costs… It’s a big mess, to be frank. I would rather, and I pretty much have, ruled out the money as something that’s ever going to show up but Hubby isn’t of the same mindset. Thing is, he’s only ever been late with one of his child support payments maybe twice since his daughter was born and she’s only a year younger than ChaosMonkey. My Hubby is a very responsible, honorable (it, lol) kind of man so when he has things flaunted in his face by those who don’t have any clue what they have he gets really upset. Which is totally understandable.

It’s all another big mess.



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