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Juvenile Anonymity

When I picked my son up from his last visitation with his dad, ChaosMonkey asked if he had his own email address. The long and short of it was that his dad had put the idea of getting an email address into his head.

ChaosMonkey is fresh into his ninth year of life. NINE. An email address at this age, in my opinion, is not only wildly inappropriate but very much dangerous.

“But there are email programs specifically for kids” And those are probably specifically targeted by pedophiles, human traffickers, and God knows what other devils on earth.

“Well, email programs can branch out from your own email to make one for your child” Then you’re exposing them to the wanton uncountable anonymity of the internet. You’re, in essence, allowing them freedom to do, say, share, etcetera with THE WORLD things you are unaware of.

“They’re going to get one anyways” Yes, they will, when they are older and have a better understanding of the consequences their actions may/can lead to.

I know my son, probably better than anyone, and I know he is nowhere near ready for “the internet”. I know he, like his mother, is far too trusting. That’s why we have some of the safeguards in place that we do, it’s why we’re so careful.

This is not a discussion I’ve had with TheEx. I haven’t spoken to him yet and am, frankly, still very upset he would broach this subject with our son without first talking to me, but that is the incredibly parentally inept nature of the beast. These are all just the minutest of things going through my head. I do not need some porn addicted pathological liar encouraging my son to venture out into the internet. Had I been smart I would have saved his browsing history or something before we split, but I wasn’t. I can’t do anything about that now, all I can hope to affect is the present and in so doing the future.

What I find perhaps most infuriating about all this is that when/if my husband and I don’t set an email up for him, TheEx will and, along with everything else, will do so without notifying us of anything. He is one of ChaosMonkey’s parents and we can’t control how he parents and there is probably 3/4 of the world’s free populace who think I’m being over protective. That’s okay. My son, my responsibility. I never much cared for how eccentric, weird, or whatever people have thought I am. More often than not they’ve come around later, albeit years later, to say I was right or what not. I don’t care what political bullshit is running around in regards to children and the internet; it’s flat out parentally irresponsible.

Again, I understand people have their own opinions about this topic and I would love to hear/discuss them. I am very set in my opinions but I am always open for discussion.

So, thoughts? Anyone? Everyone?


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