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Yesterday was a very long day, but overall I think it was productive. It was one base or another the whole day, but worth it. Finally saw a doc about the rash that popped up on my face for the third (and worst) time. Doc didn’t take any samples or anything but he thinks it’s impetigo, a highly contagious bacterial infection. At least that means once I get done treating it (which could take up to a year), it “won’t come back” as it would if it were autoimmune and triggered by stress.

Doc also got me set up with someone to talk with that I’m supposed to see next week as well as giving me something to help me sleep. The natural stuff has stopped helping so I finally bit the bullet and accepted the sleep pills and, oh my gosh, last night was the best night’s sleep I feel like I’ve had in years. I’m on the lowest possible dose and it was heaven.

I have a thing against taking meds if there’s a natural option, however, if the natural methods don’t work I’m not gonna be an ass about it and put myself or my loved ones through hell instead of dosing down with the drugs.

As far as the impetigo goes, it would seem I’m reacting to the antibiotic ointment. Thankfully, I’ve got this wonderful concoction of coconut oil, tea tree oil, and clove oil that seems to be working miracles. I went from my skin literally falling  off on Monday to being almost healed up when I saw the doc yesterday. Considering the combo was anti-bacterial/microbial/fungal/inflammatory, I kinda figured I had covered all the bases I could. Haven’t found any turmeric oil around here, though. lol

I feel like I need to quarantine myself; away from people, away from my kids, I don’t want anyone to get this. It’s so frustrating.


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