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I finally slept deep enough that I actually felt awake when I got up this morning. It was a nice change. It was the first time I slept deep enough to truly dream for a long time and what does my mind do for me? Gives me a nightmare. I dreamed that I was in a hotel room with my eldest son who kept morphing between himself now, himself as a baby, and his baby brother. I don’t know why. So, we’re in the second story of this hotel and there’s a big basketball game going on outside, which i spot TheEx in. Okay, that’s weird, but despite being weird it made me super anxious, as in paranoid anxious. Well, one of the basketball players spotted me and then they turned into this big mob and were trying to get into the room to take my son from me. I called the police on what seemed like a hand radio of some sort to tell them all these guys were trying to break into my room to steal my son and he seemed fairly apathetic. Somehow I get out of their with my kid and into a car. I start driving through this wooded area when a Sheriff’s vehicle pulls up behind me. I pull over and get out thinking this is a good thing, but then TheEx steps out of the sheriff’s vehicle as the sheriff, revokes my license and dares me to try and drive away so he can arrest me. Somehow after that he takes my son, in baby form nonetheless, and disappears. I head back to this random town and I’m looking everywhere for TheEx or my child, I contacted Child Services, schools, churches, convents, and then I finally see TheEx walking my grown child into a school for a day of school. The rest is a bit foggy until I’m at TheEx’s house with his wife and my child and find they’ve left him, as a baby, to sleep with one of the roommates during the nights and just over all not taking care of him because it’s too much of a bother. Then they decide to go out racing in their cars, leaving my son behind, so I grab him and race out myself down the multitude of hallways before getting in my car and speeding away. While I’m speeding away, TheEx and his wife pull up beside me and start giving me pointers on street racing, not even caring I have my son back. I speed away from them and into everyday highway traffic and that’s about the time I woke up.

Bizarre? Obscure? Obviously cueing in to real stresses about the situation with TheEx and my son? Yes to all of the above. I am certainly glad to have gotten some deep sleep but I’m also very glad I’m not in that nightmare any more.


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