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So Many Appointments…

Well, we were all healthy for about a week before I got sick again, lol.

On the upside, the dentist went a lot better than I thought it was going to, which makes me super happy. I have some major work that needs to be done but not as much as I had been told I needed previously. Thank God!

Seeing the cardiologist also had good news. She said that my MVP was a little bit worse than it had been six months back but I should only need it monitored once a year unless I’m having issues. I’m looking at heart surgery sometime in my future, which I can add to that sinus surgery lol, but it’s not imminent which makes me very happy. Going under for any reason is a really stressful thought for me so I’m glad I don’t have to face it soon. Even if the doc was surprised my MVP was progressing already… I’m still in the green. Woohoo! Now, to figure out how to make my own pickle brine to keep my blood pressure up and keep my heart from leaking… I’m sick of buying pickles just to drink the “juice”. It seems my referral(s) to get checked for fibromyalgia and a thyroid problem have gotten lost amidst the ever changing military medical care. Need to get that re-figured out. Fun, fun. Having some answers makes a world of difference, though.

I was doing a lot better health wise for a while but the last few days it’s been like I got hit by a semi. Even with the good news from the cardiologist and dentist I’m just… dragging. It’s like I worked every muscle in my body and got hit by mono at the same time. I have forgotten to keep my magnesium up… maybe that’s part of it…

I am so proud of my kiddoes. They’re all doing so good. ERM is so much easier and so much more pleasant to deal with now that her tummy issues are a bit more inline. Anyone would be a mess in constant pain, can’t blame her for that.She’s finally learning numbers and the alphabet and such. Thank God, I was kinda starting to worry.

ChaosMonkey looks so grown up in his school pictures. I give him another year and a half before he’s taller than me… He’s killing me.

My youngest is being Monsieur Dare Devil Extraordinaire, I tell you what. Any time I take my eyes off of him he has climbed up on something else. He’s getting really freaking good at pull ups, too. This kid has great body strength/control. He verbalizes with lots and lots of sounds but doesn’t have any words beyond the occasional mama or dada yet. All things in their own time, right?

I have quite a few things roaming around in my head right now I was hoping to get figured out, but it just seems like it’s not gonna work right now. I feel like a mental implosion is imminent, lol.


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