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No More Weddings…

So, I’m not sure if I actually made a decision to give up on having a wedding ceremony or if it just “happened” one day but it occurred to me that I no longer have this hope around in my head that one day my husband and I will have that wedding ceremony we’ve talked about. Even if we could afford it, even if we lived close enough to our families and friends to make it worthwhile, even if blah, blah, blah. I’ve given up on it. I’m not even sure I’d even want to do one anymore. You realize how much make up it would take to get these dark circles covered? lol In a way, it’s both deeply disappointing and a little bit of a relief to no longer hope for “one day”.

I do no that I am going to firmly instill in my daughter that she follow her heart when she gets married and not take a short cut like I did. The courtroom wedding was all fine and good but… I would have loved to have at least done it at a park with a dress, have gotten my hair done, made it special.

It’s always been my hope to give my kids more than I had and, in my daughter’s case that includes a wedding.


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