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No Naps for Mama

After what feels like a month of illness, even though it’s been a mere two weeks or so. The last two nights with the baby have been interesting; he’ll sleep till 1am or so and then it’s all fussing. Which is weird because it allows me to get the cleaning and stuff done after everyone’s asleep but then I’m still dragging all day because I’m still exhausted.

The house seems like it’s in better condition  then normal, which makes me happy. I also have mixed feelings about it. It’s something the Hubby and I have talked about, or at least I tried to talk to him about it. When he’s home, he’s my focus after the kids go to bed, when he’s gone, cleaning is my focus in lieu of him. When he’s home if I’m cleaning after the kids go to bed I feel resentful if he’s not helping me but he’s tired, too, and it just goes round and round in circles.

Classic married with children stuff, right? lol

I am glad that the majority of the kids are feeling better, though.


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