Birth of a Fae [Repost]

Another Repost:

Birth of a Fae – The Plotless Story

The fae are a people of mists and fantasy. They are born of the elements into nature, the guardians of those essences which keeps Mother Nature herself in balance for she is an un-domesticated mother of those beings she has born to her God. They are the dividing force between man and nature, the keepers of the boundary that holds one another at bay so that both continue to survive.

They are not of one world or the other, wanderers of the formless and hapless borders that edge the minds of humanity and the lands of Beyond. They are stillborn into existence upon this earth, ageless, filled with wisdom born of the infinite lineage of their Father.

Every so often, the borders collide and the worlds cross over one into the other and born into humanity from accidental collision a being of encompassing both borders. As humans and fae are both born through the bloodline of Infinity, these children dually embody the timelessness of their parents. They are doom to a lifetime of wisdom beyond their years, of eyes that see into and beyond instead of the surface and an innocent curiosity that relentlessly leads them unawares into danger.

These are the creatures that refuse to let the odds discount the possibility, the risk outweigh the potential. They are ageless, momentary discomfort means little to them for a day is but a blink of an eye within their eternity though they hold moments paralyzed within them for lifetimes. They are the epitome of the paradoxes within humanity and Nature.

They are dark and vast and speak out of turn with no regard for age yet quietly enough to be heard as thunder. They are the muses of the human race; those that inspire art and literature, invention of the new and conservation of the old. They are the lightest and darkest of two worlds collided.

They are conceived without consideration for their existence is so greatly overlooked. These are the children whose eyes haunt their parents into the night, who stare all-seeing into an empty sky and leave you feeling as if you yourself were the student and they the teacher. Children who despite their small stature leave you feeling as if you must tilt your head back and look into the sun to see their faces full of mystery and possibilities.

Bodies contain them so little, for they are of so much more soul than either of the peoples separately. It is why they unnerve those around them, for that overflowing of soul from behind the gentle windows panes of their eyes communicates wordlessly. The pass worlds of understanding through osmosis from one soul to another, overwhelming the lesser and drawing it in to feed it with itself and fling it back out upon its own augmented understanding of life. A look, a touch, a sigh, a simple brushing of existences is all it takes for they are created of collision and in following in their natures collide themselves within others.


War Away From Home [Repost]

Repost of an older piece:

War Away From Home

Doors and keys and dreams and waking.
Change and wind and hopes and failing.Things that can’t be left alone,
things everyone I know is mentioning.
Words like bombshells in my mind
and I’m waiting for the awakening
from one dream into another.

I’m lullabied by enemy fire,
the very earth I lay upon shaking,
then I’m coerced back into existence
by what horrors this day will bring
when tomorrow’s have not yet faded.

And yet, I’m nowhere on the battlefield
but home, the soldiers’ actuating,
with my lover’s gore dancing in my head.
War, a beast bred, loosed and prowling
for those waiting in comfort and tears.

No Naps for Mama

After what feels like a month of illness, even though it’s been a mere two weeks or so. The last two nights with the baby have been interesting; he’ll sleep till 1am or so and then it’s all fussing. Which is weird because it allows me to get the cleaning and stuff done after everyone’s asleep but then I’m still dragging all day because I’m still exhausted.

The house seems like it’s in better condition  then normal, which makes me happy. I also have mixed feelings about it. It’s something the Hubby and I have talked about, or at least I tried to talk to him about it. When he’s home, he’s my focus after the kids go to bed, when he’s gone, cleaning is my focus in lieu of him. When he’s home if I’m cleaning after the kids go to bed I feel resentful if he’s not helping me but he’s tired, too, and it just goes round and round in circles.

Classic married with children stuff, right? lol

I am glad that the majority of the kids are feeling better, though.

Picture Passion

I’ve been able to start taking some photos lately, I got some lenses for my iPhone and it’s been a lot of fun to get back to picture taking. The whole “follow your bliss” thing, ya know? Every once in a while I break my phone out of it’s case so I can do just that.

IMG_6767 IMG_6773 IMG_6861 IMG_6869 IMG_6900 IMG_6902 IMG_6915 IMG_6917 IMG_6919 IMG_6926 IMG_6932

Stretched Too Thin

My husband and I have been very stressed over somethings for the last year or so, primarily the lack of child support and the continued expectation of visitation rights being met when aforementioned funds were exactly what we used to pay for gas for such visits. There’s a lot more that goes into it, as anyone in this situation will tell you. It’s putting a strain on our entire family, our marriage, and poor ChaosMonkey. As much as I try not to put him in the middle he’s just too gosh darn observant and smart. He asks questions that if I answer honestly could come across as badmouthing his biological dad and I don’t want to do that but he gets so… frustrated and angry when I don’t tell him or respond with “we’ll talk when you’re older”. I am trying so hard to do the “moral”/”right” thing by him, and his dad/dad’s side is definitely not, and it is just all that much more frustrating.

ChaosMonkey had a pfundraiser packet sent home last night, and as much as I’d like to send the catalogue with him to his dad’s for his weekend visitation, I would not put it past TheEx to not return it. I hate to just email him with the info and the link for online shopping, ChaosMonkey needs the exposure to selling abed the confidence it helps inspire, but… *sigh* There is so much drama going on with his dad it’s beyond ridiculous. My heart is doing cartwheels just thinking about it and I can’t take anymore meds for another 6 hours, so I’ll just skip over that for now… lol.

I haven’t had time or energy to write, again, which is bad because I am emotionally healthier when I DO write. Between sick kids, doc appointments, on check of a mess of potty training (for about a year now), and everything else, I just don’t feel like there’s enough time in the day to get the bare necessities done much less make time for myself. I’ve been trying to make a point to reach out to friends life’s kept me from. I need to talk to people my own age more, with similar interests would be even better. Blogging would be a big help with that. I’ve just got to DO IT.