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For the first time ever TheEx is taking a week of vacation with ChaosMonkey, I’m sure the new marriage and keeping up appearances has nothing to do with that. After much discussion Hubby and I decided that the best thing for everyone involved was to letTheEx keep his two surrounding weeks of visitations around the vacation week so I now have this daunting three week period in August, right before school starts, where ChaosMonkey will be gone. I cried and cried and cried last night. It’s the longest we will ever have been away from each other and it’s killing me just thinking about it. Not to mention the fact that he is always so screwed up when he gets back from his dad’s. And I don’t just mean emotionally but his internal clock gets all turned around and he still comes home with people having forgotten to feed him (or so he tells me) and it’s just… ugh.

Was in at the doc with the rest of the family today, Hubby had to get his wrist looked at again (a ganglion cyst that won’t go away) and my eyes have some sort of infection going on, probably pink eye. We got in and out just fine but for the first time in my non-pregnant life I had high blood pressure. It was 165/60 on the machine. The tech and I decided that holding an active, curious baby who didn’t want to sit still was probably interfering with the readings. My blood pressure has always been really low despite a family history of high bp. Go figure. Yay for medical mystery madness that is I!

I’m just mind-dumping here, obviously. I’m having a rough time and the baby has been super teething and not really napping which makes grabbing some time for myself a bit harder, but I’m doing it when I can!

Hubby and I are hosting a 4th of July BBQ for some of his coworkers, any decoration suggestions for a small budget? I’m thinking streamers from the 99¢ Store if I can find them. Any other ideas? Totally looking for idea sharing and input here. My brain is fried.


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