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Me time, me time, writing for me time… and I don’t know where to start.

Yesterday was a bad heart day. Not only did I have a little episode right after waking up, but it kept going even after taking my meds for a good 2 hours, so then I was exhausted all day, and then I woke up out of a dead sleep all shot up with adrenaline with my heart racing like crazy an hour or two after falling asleep that night. Literally, I woke up and sat bolt up right out of no where and was just conscious enough to be think “holy shit this doesn’t feel right” then I fell back down in bed and right back to sleep. What the heck? I’m thinking I might have to wean Blake now so we can do the meds switch the cardiologist was talking about. This is running me down like crazy which makes things harder on everyone. My family doesn’t need this! Aaaargh, stupid body with it’s stupid faulty wiring and stuff. Bad body… 

On the upside, my bubbly little boy is turning into quite the little walker, ERM is growing like crazy again and ChaosMonkey was just given  a Reading Award for having the most pages read, get this, in the school. Who’s a proud mama? THIS MAMA! He just took off once he found books he liked. I am so, so proud of him!

Also, I gave my youngest his first hair cut! Just a trim around the ears, I couldn’t take it anymore! Hair on the ears is just something that drives me batty.


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